21 of the Best Sad Poems

Contoh 21 Puisi Sedih yang Bakal Bikin Kamu Nangis

When sad, one of the media used to express it is poetry. Yep, feeling sad sometimes makes you sick spiritually, causing physical pain like dizziness or something else.

Well, one method of therapy that is quite effective for dealing with it is to compose poetry.

Even though it’s just a word, the outpouring of sadness through sad poetry can make the heart calm down a little. Because indirectly, a little burden is released.

Not only that, the words used in poetry usually use beautiful diction and wording, so that you don’t just let go of a bit of a heavy burden, but also cheer yourself up so you can be happy again.

Examples of Sad Poetry Can Make You Cry
So, for those of you who are sad, try reading this sad poem, guaranteed that your sadness will decrease!


#1. “Pain”

When they start to stay away from me

I can only stare at his back

Then said, “Hold on”

how much longer can i last?

Because the longer it takes, the more it hurts

It’s getting harder for me to hide

Like being pulled to the bottom of the ocean

Until my breath runs out


Thinking, for me to give up

Because no matter how much effort I put in

Still they will no longer look at me

I am like air

What is there but cannot be seen

This sad poem expresses the sadness of someone who has lost his best friend. Even his efforts and hard work so that his friends don’t stay away have been done, but his efforts were unsuccessful.

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#2. “Miss you”

Do you know what heavy waves can do?

Yes, it can erase all the seeds of love along with the pieces of longing….

However, apparently not with me

Because, here I still miss you far away

So I’m not sure, if the swift waves can erase the pieces of this longing

For this sad poem describes someone’s anxiety for his lover who is far away. Well, this poem is certainly suitable for those of you who are in LDR.

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#3. “It rained that afternoon”

When it rains that evening…

When we’re together

Laughing merrily, and enjoying the stub by rintikannya

Until this feeling calms down

It rained that afternoon….

Able to wipe the tears that fall on us

To turn it into happiness

What a beautiful happiness

Each of his words is so very meaningful

The meaning is so deep

Until very hard to say

Someone who misses his girlfriend. And remember the times when they were together in the rain. But this time it rained, he was just alone and just friends with the rain.

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#4. “worried”

When the wind starts whispering about him

But I never know what it means

As if touching, to stab the recesses of the heart

Until this heart becomes mute

However, I do not know what the contents of the whisper of the wind

All I hope is good news

Without being accompanied by sorrow in the heart

However, in fact that was not the intention of the wind

Until the feeling of anxiety began to instill in the heart instantly

And tired of asking

Using a figure of speech or the figurative word ‘wind’, this poem is an expression of hope that happy news will come. However, the reality that he got was news that made his heart broken and restless.

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#5. “Regret”

Like the night wind that blows so hard…

As if greeting me who was lonely..

Where is he, he is the one I really love..

I miss him so much, even though now we’re not together

Forgive me, this is all my fault

My fault for not being able to take care of you…

Strengthen my heart, because one day you may return…

If all this is fate,

The distance between us, I’ll let it go

However, as long as you are happy

One form of happiness that a person feels is LDR or long distance relationship. So, this poem is an expression of a lover who is in LDR, but there is no certainty on either side.

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#6. “A Waiting Heart”

For me, you are like a sleeping flower that is in my whole day

Because you closed your heart to me

For you who always accompany

However, when I woke up, it was all just a dream

I never know

Know what’s in your heart

Your heart is always frozen

To me who can only wait

Then, how much longer do I need to wait

Waiting for you to be here

Here, in my heart

Whether missing his loved ones or his lover who is far away, this poem is able to describe his sadness.

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#7. “Who am I?”

at that time everything changed

When what is not expected comes in

and that’s where I started to feel

feel that I am nothing to you

When turning back time

Where 10 years ago I no longer felt the figure of a mother

In fact, even 6 years ago I just knew who supported me

Until, this body feels like no man’s land

Because growing up, they seem to disappear

Can you understand what sad poetry means

This? Yaps, the outpouring of the heart of a child who has been abandoned by his mother goes to heaven. In fact, his father had been away for a long time and had just returned 6 years ago.

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#8. You are already with him

Jai, if you wake up tomorrow morning

Look at your window pane..

It will look wet…

However, it wasn’t because of the dew

Because what fell was my tears

Which spilled because of you

You who have been with him

Moving, this poem describes a person who is sad because the person he loves is with another, and is happier.

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#9. “Punching Asa”

I’m really willing…

When I have to look at you

even though I never saw a hint of a smile on the corner of your lips.

I really can..

If you have to get slapped many times

Slap by your words

who wants to accept me

I really thank..

If you have to keep telling me

Begging to leave you

Never even came back

Not just deciding, the description of this sad poem tells of a lover who doesn’t want to be together anymore, and asks that his girlfriend leaves and doesn’t come back.

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#10. “Truth of love”

Your skin is really white

You smell really good too

To make everyone speechless and stunned

Your hair is long and straight

It doesn’t even hinder the beauty of your face

If it’s true that skin color can’t unite us

However, can love erase it all?

This sad poem tells about a very beautiful woman. But unfortunately, he can’t be found, so someone has to forget him.

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#11. “Storm”

A very big storm that approached without me calling at all..

My ass is broken..

When I saw my angel get angry..

Even the foundation of my love collapsed in just an instant.

Leaving only the ruins of deep regret..

O my angel..

Listen softly to the hope that exists from the rest of my faith..

All I want is our love like a strong rock

So, let this longing be eroded..

But don’t let this hope fade.


This sad poem describes a person’s regret because his lover is angry and asks to be separated.

In this poem also expresses his feelings that continue to fight so that his lover is not angry anymore.

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#12. “Hide Forever”

Which I know

i just love..

However, you only see him as a friend…

What I feel

There is a vibration in the soul

However, why don’t you feel a bit…

Then, should I continue to scream this feeling?..


I just bury it forever?

Unrequited love for those he loves. Until there is doubt in him whether to continue to love him or to forget him, that is the story of this sad poem.

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#13. “heart”

Sir, I truly admire you.

It’s appropriate if you idolize me..

But why do you even rain we will be punched..

Even you stole a smile until it becomes a cry..

Sir, you should be the priest in this household..

However, why should only make us become helpless

The story of a child who does not get love from his father. Where the father who should protect, instead can only hurt him.

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#14. “hidden”

Of course you know what I’ve been saying?

With great arrogance I speak the truth..

Even though I only have a million lies

I hide all romance with my angel..

So, let the full moon that I have is covered by clouds..

Because admitting it with anger,

Piercing wounds, in the hearts of many people

What we love

Do you understand this sad poem? Yep, this poem describes someone who can only hide his love without being able to express it.



Poetry To Describe Sadness
Actually, sadness can give color to our lives, so it’s only fitting that its presence is used as the essence of one’s life.

Even though facing it is full of challenges, if you can get through it it will be the pride and the happiest experience.

To strengthen you who are sad, this poem will lighten it up a little:

#15. “hiding”

Never ask why we hide

Because we really don’t want this.

Never ridicule why we keep on running

In fact, we don’t even want to show ourselves.

We really had to…

We are really hurt…

But we never forget to pray..

For this relationship to be real..

Are you backstreet? Well, this sad poem can describe it. The truth is not because he is afraid of other people finding out, but he is preparing so that the relationship can be even more serious.

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#16. “Our story”

This is our story..

A very simple story about taste..

About romance that wants happiness..

But why, must be hit by sorrow..

Maybe we should sweat

But yes