11 Poems About Purpose

11 Poems About Purpose

11 Poems About Purpose

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1. What’s The Reason?

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

What’s the reason you were born,
To grow, and love, not to scorn?
You’re here to make a difference,
There is a reason for your existence.

We each have a part to play,
Find your purpose, you find your way.
For life success that is the key
With purpose a fuller life you will see.

2. God’s Kin

Poet: Ella Wheeler Wilcox

There is no summit you may not attain,
No purpose which you may not yet achieve,
If you will wait serenely, and believe,
Each seeming loss is but a step toward gain.

Between the mountain tops lie vale and plain;
Let nothing make you question, doubt, or grieve;
Give only good, and good alone receive;
As you welcome joy, so welcome pain.

That which you most desire awaits your word;
Throw wide the door and bid it enter in.
Speak, and the strong vibrations shall be stirred;
Speak, and above earth’s loud, unmeaning din
Your silent declarations shall be heard.
All things are possible to God’s own kin.

3. Purpose Of Life, The Base?

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

Purpose of life is never found in worldly things
It’s not about gold, wealth, or what status brings.
It’s not about the power to make our mark
But more a quest to reach within our heart.

The purpose of life is to learn and grow
Building character and a love that flows
To others offer compassion, kindness and grace
Is that the purpose of life, is that the base?

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4. Live With Purpose

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

Though life can take many turns,
Our paths are predetermined.
No matter what people tell us,
Our lives do really matter.

Hear the truth that I shall speak –
In God’s eyes, each person is unique.
We should strive to fight for our worth
And live with purpose here on earth.

5. Purpose

Poet: Edgar A. Guest

Not for the sake of the gold,

Any ambition or aim:
I would be brave and be true
Just for the good I can do.

I would be useful on earth,
Serving some purpose or cause.
Doing some labor of worth,
Giving no thought to applause.
Thinking less of the gold or the fame
Than the joy and the thrill of the game.

Medals their brightness may lose,
Fame be forgotten or fade.
Any reward we may choose
Leaves the account still unpaid.
But little real happiness lies
In fighting alone for a prize.

Give me the thrill of the task.
The joy of the battle and strife,
Of being of use, and I’ll ask
No greater reward from this life.
Better than fame or applause
Is striving to further a cause.

6. A Bigger Purpose

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

I am here for a bigger purpose,
That I will seek and not recess,
Thinking, pondering, and meditating day and night,
Reflections, hopes, and visions of insight.

Focusing my journey by faith strong and true,
Choosing words of courage to give me the clue;
Bearing fruits in this life abounding with grace,
Living my purpose within God’s embrace.

8. Have You Ever Asked

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

Have you ever asked why we’re here and why our paths are chosen?
Maybe it’s not just to wallow in what we’ve seen broken.
Perhaps the things that define us, lend us real direction
Are altruistic motivations and how we treat those around us.

In helping others reach their dreams, we pave a road of joy,
A path that goes beyond ourselves and brings us true employ
Let go beyond our own desires and spread love and camaraderie,
Maybe this is our purpose – to benefit others endlessly!

9. Life Is A Journey

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

Life is a journey, you must find the key
To unlock the door that can set you free.
The path to purpose will open your eyes
Promising life with the grand prize!

God has given us all gifts to help us on our way
So don’t wait until old age to find out, do it today.
The guidance the Lord has provided, on that rely
Then your true purpose in life you’ll no longer deny.

10. Be Quiet

Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

Be quiet; don’t murmur,
Nor sink in the dust;
The good day approaches,
When onward you must:
Your fears cast away,
Be cheerful and gay;
Look up and look on,
Soon night will be gone.

Be quiet: stop weeping,
And keep a good heart,
Each morning and evening,
To take a fresh start.
Within and about
Keep a sharp lookout,
That nothing betray
Or block up your way.

Be quiet, be earnest:
A purpose so high
Should give you true courage,
Arid make you defy
The storms that approach,
And foes that encroach,
To darken your skies,
Or close Reason’s eyes.

Be quiet, be patient:
The still are the sure;
While others are grasping,
The prize they secure.
Blind haste and quick zeal
To passion appeal,
And raise a loud storm,
But nothing perform.

Be quiet; don’t murmur:
Work fairly and slow,
And daily in wisdom
And power you’ll grow;
Accomplish whatever
In heart you endeavor:
No honor comes late
To the watchful who wait.

11. Questions Linger

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

Questions that linger in my mind,
Seeking answers hard to find.
How am I meant to understand
This life and where I do stand?

What is the point of all this strife
And why do I question my own life?
Is there a goal beyond sight,
To bring understanding and delight?

Questions linger in my mind
With answers I know I have to find.
I must look at my life and figure it out
I’ll live my life with purpose not doubt.

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